Natural Building in Olympia & Beyond

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First we shape our homes,
then they shape us.

Your needs are unique - so is our approach.

Whether you need a renovation,

earthification, rebuild or remodel:

we've got an earthen solution

to co-create with you.

What We Do
Civic Engagement
In addition to contracting privately,
we work with
local municipalities and
non-profits to bring housing access
through the process of building.

Our Services

New build/rebuild

You are alive! Your dwelling can be, too. With a team of ecological and architectural industry experts, we customize your comprehensive dream home to be able to recycle water, grow food, heat and cool itself independently year-round, utilize natural lighting, and beyond.

Clay plaster

Learn how to apply an ancient technique shared by all our ancestors to improve air quality and ambience. Contact us now to schedule a personal or group class!


Complete batting replacement in attics and/or crawl spaces. Share your needs now to begin improving your nest.


Add earthen materials to reap the benefits of going natural. What materials do you dream of surrounding yourself with? Share your vision now to earthify your space!

materials source

The matter with which we build comes from somewhere! Learn about various common materials, where to find them and how to sustainably and responsibly source them.

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