Earthen Design and Development

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The building industry accounts for a third of the world's carbon emissions.

We're here to change that.

What We Do
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- Design and construction with people in mind and the Earth at heart -

- Intelligent building systems -

- Home ownership opportunities -

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Civic Engagement
In addition to contracting privately,
we work with
local municipalities and
non-profits to bring housing access
through the process of building.

Building For YOU


Architectural and permacultural experts channel your visions and needs into a feasible multi-phase roadmap of your next build.

With respect for surrounding environs, we help you craft a space to bring in you into greater harmony with life around you.


Learn how to apply an ancient technique shared by all our ancestors to improve air quality and ambience. Contact us now to schedule a personal or group class, or to add an accent wall or room in your home!


Know what your needs are but can't quite seem to get it down on paper?

Let our architects draft the lines of your dream - call now.


Add earthen materials to reap the benefits of going natural. What materials do you dream of surrounding yourself with? Share your vision now to earthify your space!


The matter with which we build comes from somewhere! Learn about various common materials, where to find them and how to sustainably and responsibly source them.

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