Meet the Earth Homies

Aaron Sauerhoff
Founder & CEO

Originally hailing from New York where he had grown painstakingly aware of many toxic effects stemming from pitfalls of the building industry, Aaron took flight to the South Puget Sound in 2014 with a crusader's resolve to absorb every ounce of natural building wisdom and achieve master status.  Transferring an industrious and inspirational attitude from service in the Civil Air Patrol as Cadet Captain, Aaron dove headlong into the world of architects and contractors, permitting and planning and hasn't looked back. In 2019, he realized the dream of establishing the build and design firm Earth Homes LLC, who work to "earthify" preexisting buildings through retrofits and remodels as well as construct adaptive and sustainable buildings that incite nourishing connection. When Aaron isn't bedecked in moss as the Mayor of Ecotopia at Cascadia NW Music and Arts Festival, he is plugging away around the clock to help affect radical reunion between natural and green building practices and create equal housing opportunities for all.

Marty Kenney
Project Manager

Marty was born and raised in Seattle and has lived in the Salish Sea bioregion his whole life. After sparking his interest in the trades through high school woodshop he attended and graduated from the Inside Passage School of Woodworking in Vancouver, BC where he learned the fine art of furniture making. The next few years Marty worked various carpentry jobs before going out on his own to start Cascadia Renovations LLC where he specialized in finish carpentry and home remodels.


He moved to Olympia in 2019 and joined Earth Homes to be part of the building systems revolution and redefining how we build houses. When he isnt working Marty enjoys connecting with the natural world through long hikes in the Olympic mountains and kayaking the waters of the Salish Sea. His mission in life is to help build and grow healthy sustainable communities for a future generation of village living.

Rabi Verdante
Executive Officer

Rabi was a grand and terrible tyrant in previous lives, spending years and fortunes made from others’ labor through oppressive social structure as a domineering and apathetic ruler...until now. In this Age of Aquarius, they are committing the ultimate character arc by devoting themselves to the dismantling of vacuous oligarchical reign through radical acts of Strange Love and Ecstatic Advocacy. In their ideal world, everyone gets to ask questions without persecution. 

Rabi now serves as the XO of Earth Homes LLC, drawing on experiences in event production, fintech, personal training and bee rescue. They move and act within the values of Indigenous Visibility and Re-wilding principles and hope to one day create a musical about responsible waste management.

Jimmy Mateson

Any who witness the vortex of ingenuity that is Jimmy Mateson at work could comfortably dub him a “mad contraptionist,” at the very least. As a master of systems development, a big-picture perspective informs all of his project contributions which in turn make all his teammates’ jobs that much simpler. “Wizard” is also an appropriate moniker. 


Leaving the East Coast where he grew up (you gotta start somewhere), he went to study solar energy at UC Boulder & discovered he wanted to design his own curriculum in alternative energy. He made his way to Evergreen college in Olympia where he achieved degree-holder status. All this time an urgent flame for the dispensation of crucial, under-published information grew – (Why is all this knowledge “alternative?” “Why don’t people know schtuff?”) and Jimmy James’ life’s work took shape. He founded a social action information resource and networking center devoted to helping raise awareness of critical issues being suppressed by corporate media that influenced many in the South Puget Sound and beyond. Running a 501c3 for over twenty years not only expanded Jimmy’s administrative and organizational prowess but channeled an ardently compassionate disposition that radiates from his very being. This humanitarian outlook drives the work to which he currently pours his soul, encouraging understanding of varying perspectives on our shared political economy and finding common ground so people can have discussions concerning where we want to go and how to get there from here, together.


With Earth Homes, Jimmy implements systems for the team to thrive in the creative effort of affordable and sustainable housing for as many as possible.