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Work side by side with professional earth builders and learn comprehensive building skills! 


Now more than ever, builders ranging from the enthusiastic YouTube student to certified professionals are looking to design and construct with the earth in mind. This is your chance to develop your skills in a series of hands-on Earth Home Building Workshops. Whether you build as a hobby or are looking to broaden your employability, this experience can offer major growth and fun for all! 



See and learn first-hand innovative earth building design techniques while constructing an actual residence! 

About the Brier Homestead


The Brier Homestead is a multi-generational family's vision to develop their property into a bio-compatible community hub focused on sustainable permaculture, indigenous reverence, study and advocacy, land conservation and preservation, and creative endeavors of every flavor! 


Stephanie and Austin Eschenwald have lived on the Brier hillside in a tipi for the better part of a year, getting to know the flora and fauna by name and preparing spaces for a large garden, food forest, and now the build site of their much anticipated Earth Home! They welcome you in honoring the land they now call home and to deepen your relationship through education and building practices that honor the next generations.

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